Kazuhiro Sekine / 関根一弘


Professional Photographer / Movie Director 

Based in Tokyo

Commercial / Fashion / Portrait


フォトグラファー / ムービーディレクター

Based in 東京

コマーシャル / ファッション / ポートレート



Engaged in graphic design work and produced advertising design  existence of great masters of the photograph world that it got to know through the work of the design that it was the turning point to a photographer.

I am present at various photography spots and am impressed with posture and the thought for the photograph and begin a photograph, picture production. I polish the style of the original  photograph and establish KazuhiroSekine Photograph office in 2010.

I photograph a weekly, the cover of the monthly. I advertise person photography to a main shaft and engage in a magazine, fashion photography.

Photo exhibition "My Conclusion" Yumi Sugimoto X Kazuhiro Sekine holds a script, supervision by a short film "small lie" by the picture production in tokyoarts gallery in charge December, 2015.

I perform the collaboration of the photograph with the photo exhibition "Japan" holding writer in January, 2018.  2020 Photo exhibition “COLOR” Sei Shiraishi × Kazuhiro Sekine held





独自で写真のスタイルを研磨し2010年KazuhiroSekine Photograph office設立


2015年12月写真展『My Conclusion』Yumi Sugimoto × Kazuhiro Sekine 開催


2020年写真展『COLOR』 Sei Shiraishi × Kazuhiro Sekine 開催