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Kazuhiro Sekine        

Professional Photographer  /  Movie Director

Based in Tokyo     Commercial / Fashion / Portrait

Established Photograph office one ° in 2010.

He specializes in collaboration with people and has a good reputation for shooting

that brings out the atmosphere and unknown charm of the person.

With the motif of cities and nature, the subject is dropped into a landscape that changes with the times,

and the world that exists only there now is projected.

Taking pictures of domestic celebrities and overseas celebrities such as Hollywood stars,

he is engaged in activities that transcend genres that are not bound by existing forms.

Independently held a 10th anniversary photo exhibition

October 2020 Photo Exhibition "Barefoot" Taiko Katono x Kazuhiro Sekine Photo Exhibition

November 2020 Photo Exhibition "COLOR" Sei Shiraishi x Kazuhiro Sekine Sei Shiraishi x Kazuhiro Sekine Photo Exhibition




フォトグラファー   /  ムービーディレクター

Based in 東京      コマーシャル / ファッション / ポートレート

2010年 Photograph office one° を設立。




独立10周年 写真展を開催

2020年10月 写真展『裸足』上遠野太洸×関根一弘写真展

2020年11月 写真展『COLOR』Sei Shiraishi×Kazuhiro Sekine  白石聖×関根一弘 写真展







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